Welcome to our new podcast! Each week our award-winning business coach Lydia Navo interviews a business owner, who shares the challenges they have faced, how they got started, and tips for new entrepreneurs. Bring your notebook and pen!

We first started Business Owners Speak Out during COVID-19 when everyone was forced online. It was a space for business owners of the Houston area to share what they were doing to manage when the world shut down for a couple of months. We are bringing it back to give the small business owners of Houston a platform to share advice to help future business owners!

New episodes every Tuesday at 9:00 am on YouTube and Spotify.


Be a Guest!

We are always looking for small business owners who want to share their stories! It is free to come on our podcast, and you get exposure to our network, as well as 30 minutes to chat with an award-winning business coach! Who could say no?

After filling out the form, we will contact you to set up a date and time to record.