About Us

Great things in business are never done by one person. They're done by a team of people.” -Steve Jobs, Founder, Apple Inc.

About Us


Our Vision

World Abundance through Business Re-education

Our Mission

ActionCOACH is a team of committed, positive and successful people who are always striving to be balanced, integral and honest.  We work within our “14 Points of Culture” to make sure that everyone who touches or is touched by the ActionCOACH team, will benefit greatly and move closer to becoming the person they want to be. Allowing anyone, and their business, to achieve the goals they want to achieve.

ActionCOACH clients whether small, medium, or large in size, allow us to aid them in achieving their goals and take on Our Commitment to them by returning their Commitment to ActionCOACH. Clients will be forward-thinking, willing to learn and grow, and be willing to work as a team player in the development of an organization of “people.”

Our clients will be selected more on attitude than size and they will want to deal with us because we understand people are important, systems should run a company, we offer the most practical, most applicable, and fastest strategies on growth, and most importantly, because we mean what we say.

We will give business owners and teams back their spirit and freedom through business development.


OUR CEO — Doug Winnie

Award-Winning Certified Executive & Business Coach, Speaker, Motivator, Team Strategist, and Cash Flow & Profit Expert…

Doug is an international public speaker, profit-strategist, and award-winning business and executive coach, with multiple years of winning national and global ActionCOACH awards, beginning his first entrepreneurial experience selling holiday greeting cards door-to-door. This early drive for success led him to become a very successful business owner, now on his 9th successful business.

  Having been the coach for over 200 business leaders, Doug has had the rare privilege to work in a diverse range of business industries, to name a few, automotive, technology, food service, real estate, franchise, medical, veterinary, and oil and gas – and with an equal range of executives!  Doug earned his degree in Management Information Systems and International Finance from the University of Houston. Soon after graduating, he started his own award-winning, rapid-growth company, which grew to over 60 employees generating over $25 million in sales with profits exceeding $250,000 per month.


“As a business coach, I have added substantial value to multiple organization’s financial statements both in decreased costs and increased revenue by using my management expertise and motivational techniques obtained through my experience and continuous education.”

Specialties: Technical sales, computer consulting, software development, legal, human resources, ROI, P&L, office management, PMP, SQL, Lotus Notes, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Outlook, Quickbooks, Accounting, and Marketing