12 Week Management Training Masterclass

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12-Week Management Masterclass

This Masterclass comprises a set of learning sessions designed to assist you in refining your management abilities, enhancing your concentration, and keeping you informed about the top strategies that every exceptional manager should know. Following 12 weeks of instruction, we are confident that your collection of skills will be replenished, reinvigorated, and energized, providing you with the necessary resources to attain all of your ambitious objectives!

Our Management Masterclass is a 12-week program that has been proven to empower and prepare individuals to take their teams to the next level. This program is a collaboration between your local business coaching firm, ActionCoach, and Brad Sugars, an entrepreneur, author, and business coach with a wealth of experience. Brad Sugars has owned and operated over two dozen companies, including his main company, ActionCoach, which has over 1,100 offices in 79 countries.

"Great leaders come from great managers. You have to master the basics to ensure you position your company for greatness. Without critical and practical habits, rituals and processes, mastering management is impossible. We give you the tools and resources to sour!"

Brad Sugars

What You'll Get

12 Training Sessions

Learn the fundamentals of management, how to transform teams into well-oiled machines and how to transform your organization by becoming the best leader you can be.


Training is delivered in self-paced format with videos, and activities to help make learning more in depth and comprehensive.

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Workbook and Planning Tools

Additional resources, reading recommendations and planning materials makes learning more valuable.

What You'll Learn

What is Management

Transition from Manager to Leader

Management Competencies

Managing Daily Lists

Managing Weekly Meetings

Managing weekly Lists 

Goals and Measures

Managing 1-2-1 Meetings

90-Day Planning

Annual Reviews, Personal Development, and Discipline

Build Effective Teams through Systems

Communication and Tools

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