Increase Profits Using a Business Accelerator

A small business accelerator program is a coaching system that enables you to make your business both stable and profitable in an extraordinarily short amount of time.

Entrepreneurs often dream of a fast-paced, highly profitable business that is so successful that it practically runs itself. They begin to think of their future business success like a luxury car, fresh off the assembly line, fully loaded with the best features, and an engine so powerful and efficient, you can hardly hear it hum. They imagine themselves, the business owner, as a highly-skilled driver, able to outmaneuver any competition that comes their way, shattering records as they go.

Just as a luxury car doesn't suddenly make you a better driver, however, neither does owning a business make you a better chief executive officer. In fact, successful, competitive, high-speed driving requires years of practice, expert coaching, a team of top-notch technicians, and usually a significant financial investment. Successful, competitive business management is hardly different.

While it is possible, over many years and decades of practice, to self-teach oneself an entrepreneurial skillset, very few of us have the nerves, persistence, and financial reserves to make it through to the other side of success. In fact, according to a recent Gallop Poll, roughly 50% of all businesses fail in the first five years. After ten years, says the US Small Business Administration, only 1/3 of all new businesses are still in the business.

The reality for many aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners is that the harsh reality sets in. Being highly skilled in a trade or profession is not enough to be highly successful at running a business. Instead of them running their business, the business is running them. Without proper coaching or training, the business will run itself straight into the ground, often taking the unsuspecting business owner with it.

How would this help?

This is where a small business accelerator program comes in. ActionCOACH Doug Winnie provides you with the proven skills and knowledge to build and grow your business without a costly trial and error process of solopreneurship.

What is it like?

It's like having an expert as a business partner, without having to divide the profits. Accelerate your business to the next level with ActionCOACH's proven six-step process.

Doug Winnie, The Business Accelerator, Helps you to:

  • Gain mastery over the fundamentals of commercial enterprise.
  • Create a predictable profitable and profitable cash flow for your business niche.
  • Leverage your own time and efficiency by creating strategic systems of operation.
  • Build a team that works for the business, not just for you.
  • Create synergy between all elements to ensure consistency and growth.
  • Produce results that lead to business freedom, and allow the business owner to explore other opportunities.

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