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Vincent Lee with INFINI Marketing

This week’s weekly win is to congratulate Vincent Lee for being admitted into the Goldman Sachs 10,000. The Practical Business Education Designed by Babson College, the nation’s top-ranked entrepreneurship, the 10,000 Small Business curriculum focuses on practical business skills that can immediately be applied by small business owners, including negotiation, marketing, and employee management. Way to keep striving to learn and grow. Because we all know the more you learn the more you earn!


The ActionCOACH Team

The ActionCoach team was thrilled to participate in a Zoom call with the company’s founder, Brad Sugars, in which he previewed a set of powerful new software tools which will allow our team to communicate, educate, and—most of all—COACH in exciting new ways! This software is customized for the ActionCoach family and is a great example of how ongoing training and optimizing systems are principles we practice as much as we preach. Stay tuned! 

Rob Hellyer

Big Congratulations to Rob for being featured in the Houston Chronicle this week for his amazing commercial property transformation. Originally Rob purchased this commercial property in the heights to use for his remodeling business. The more he worked on it, the more he started to have a vision of transforming this commercial property into a home for himself and his wife Andrea.  Congratulations Rob and Andrea for finishing your passionate project! With time and consistency, you can accomplish your dreams. 

To read the full article CLICK HERE


The ActionCOACH Team

This week’s weekly win celebrates our newest addition to the ActionCOACH Houston Team! Meet Jenny Trevino, a native Houstonian currently studying Graphic Design. Jenny is a former public librarian, with graduate training in Information Science and professional expertise in database management and research. She is excited to apply this training in her role on our Marketing Team, while gaining experience in advertising copywriting and design. In her spare time, Jenny also runs a small non-profit and sharpens her research skills by serving as Registrar for the James Hardage Lane I Chapter of the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution. Welcome to the team, Jenny!


Lisa Rosenfield from Network in Action

Today’s (9/8/21) win comes from Lisa Rosenfield. This year, we can all agree, had its ups and downs.  Some people are still recovering from 2020, and figuring out how to continue to achieve goals in their business. However, Lisa Rosenfeld was able to add members to her “NIA- Women Business Builders Group” this year and is now working on adding 2 “Lunch and Learns” for her “NIA- Women Business Networks”. Way to stay determined and not letting anything limit you! Congratulations Lisa!


Brandon Kurz from Dixie Carpet

This week’s win comes from Brandon Kurz. Brandon works for a Carpet Installation company call Dixie Carpet. They provide quality solutions for any customer. They create an exceptional culture through optimism, innovation, integrity, and FUN – while installing flooring for the multifamily community. This Week Brandon was recognized for his key role in developing their APP that will revolutionize their customer’s experience. 

“Always nice to get some recognition and to have someone to share a win with, no matter how big or small. ” Brandon shared. No matter how big or small the task when your employees do it well or go above your expectations be sure to validate them. 

Great job Brandon! 

If you want to check out the app and website  CLICK HERE

Rickale and Oyas from Roxy Wuz Here Art

This week’s Weekly Win is brought to us by Rickale and Oyas of Roxy Wuz Here Art! These ladies have done A LOT in the past months to gain exposure for their art and products! They have recently been featured on ArtsyShark.com in an article all about wearable/gift art! Congratulations on the feature Rickale and Oyas!

Check out the article: CLICK HERE       

Kris Stewart of bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of West Houston

This week’s Weekly Win is brought to us by Kris Stewart of bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of West Houston. Kris’ Franchise was given the Rookie of the Year award at the bluefrog annual conference. Since starting his franchise in the midst of a pandemic Kris has shown nothing but perseverance and dedication to creating his business by taking ACTION! Congratulations on Rookie of the Year! That’s one step closer to being the #1 Franchise!

Sonia Davis of The Jewelry Instructor’s Bead Bar 

This week’s Weekly Win is brought to us by Sonia of The Jewelry Instructor’s Bead Bar. Sonia has launched her non-profit “Never Starving Artists”. Their mission is to hold music and art classes for underprivileged kids whose parents don’t have the means for art/music camps and classes. A great way to use your success is to find a way to give back and help the people around you in your community! Thank you to Sonia for taking ACTION and giving back! Congratulations on the launch!


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