There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.” -Colin Powell, Former U.S. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff


Manning Pool Service
Susan Manning, Owner, Manning Pool Service talks about working with her coach, Doug Winnie, and how business is growing, now exceeding a 300% growth in just one year!



Mike Simon, owner of a Shipley Donuts Franchise, discusses how he has had his ActionCOACH, Doug Winnie, since about the opening of his store.

“I highly encourage anyone to take advantage of one of Doug’s introductory sessions so you can decide for yourself.” – Mike Simon


Bingle Vet:

Caroline Vaughan, owner of Bingle Vet, has been going and going, and now is growing and growing, with her ActionCOACH Doug Winnie.





 Harris Technology:

“When you combine an extremely workable formula for building business (Brad Sugars’ ActionCOACH program) with a business savvy coach (Doug Winnie) who guides you through the process of applying the steps to your business you have what it takes to achieve your goals!  Doug is the secret sauce that has helped me change the way I think about business.  After more than 20 years running my business “my way” I am very grateful to Doug for what he has been able to help me do.  He has been able to show me better ways to do things that have made a big difference to our business.  Sales and profits are way up.  What I have done in the last 12 months has been absolutely amazing.  To say that my business has made a dramatic turnaround would be a huge understatement.  Whether you’re just starting out or you have an existing business you want to take to the next level, you should make it a point to talk with Doug.  He’s not going to do the work for you, but he’s going to coach you to take the steps necessary to take your business where you have always wanted to go.  Every day I see more improvements.  My weekly coaching sessions with Doug along with the educational programs he offers are the keys to this program working so well for me.  There’s a reason Doug is the #1 coach in the ActionCOACH program worldwide so I hope you talk to Doug and his team about growing your business.  You will wonder why you didn’t do it sooner once you start to see the results!”

– Ron Harris, Owner of Harris Technology



Memorial Landscaping & Backflow Armor:

Doug Winnie and his team are the best at growing businesses.  We began our business in 1989 and struggled like most small technician/entrepreneurial businesses, until we met Doug.  We began this journey 2 years ago with he and his team and have had success so great that it dwarfs the already low cost of his coaching.  Every successful sports team has a coach and so does every successful business owner.  As business owners we all need someone that we can discuss with openly our opportunities and our struggles and devise strategies to excel and pass the competitors in our field of expertise.  Thanks for all that you do Doug.  You have helped turn our business around and we are well on our way to …. Insane profits!

– Chad Touchet, Owner of Backflow Armor


EGA Search:

“After working with Doug at ActionCOACH for just a few months, I have already learned so much. I am super exited about the systematized approach to success. While specific tasks may be different from business to business, I’ve learned that growing a business to success is the same. I am learning VERY valuable skills! I high recommend this service.”

– Brian Groce, Owner of EGA Search 

Translations Y mas:

“Doug’s coaching works. He has helped me focus on what matters most in my business.  He understood my concerns, goals, aspirations and fears and because he is approachable, knowledgeable and enthusiastic, he is readily available and rejoices along with you when your goals or projects are coming to fruition. If your business needs to improve, one meeting with Doug will be enough for you to realize that without him, the road to success will be longer and maybe painful.

Si su negocio necesita mejorar, una cita con Doug será suficiente para que usted se de cuenta de que sin él, el camino al éxito será más largo y quizás doloroso.  Doug, muchas gracias!”

– Evelyn E., Owner Translations Y mas

Empire Industries Property Management:

“Without the help of Doug and his whole action coach team there is little chance I would be in business today. He not only showed us how to get our company out of chaos but to learn how to turn it into a true business. He truly is a passionate and an amazing coach that really cares deep down about our success and every time we leave his office we feel like we are helped a little better down the right path to success. Anyone that has the slightest desire to be successful in their business would be crazy not to have Doug and ActionCOACH on their team.  Thanks Doug, we will dedicate our first million dollar profit of Empire Industries to your name!!!”

– Steve Rozenberg, co-Owner, Empire Property Management

“Doug has coached my new business the last 14 months.  He has increased my revenue by three times in the last 12 months.  Doug and his team create the blue print for a successful business.  I would not be where I am in my business today without the guidance of Doug and the ActionCOACH plan.” 

– Pete Neubig, co-Owner Empire Property Management

eNet Systems:

“MentorClub has played a key role in not only growing my business but has also had a positive effect in my personal life. Before joining MentorClub, although my company had been profitable each year for the past 12 years, it was not able to grow beyond a certain point, and I didn’t know how to take it to the next level. MentorClub taught me what I needed to do to take my company to the next level. After 7 months of attending 90 minute weekly phone calls, I feel that I’ve learned ‘the secret of success’ not just in business, but also in personal life. I’ve learned that to be successful, you have to do several things right. The MentorClub showed me how to set my goals right, how to market right, how to sell right, how to close deals right, how to hire right, how to have the right attitude, and ultimately how to grow right!


But the MentorClub really goes beyond just business. I have applied several principles learned in MentorClub to my personal life. I’ve told Doug that I’m really getting a 3-for-1 deal because what I learn here, I try to teach those things to my two young daughters. And I’m seeing a difference in how they approach issues in their lives. The ‘I am’ statements, the positive attitude, the above the line/below the line self-assessment, the DISC profile, the idea that if you believe you can do it, then your mind starts working towards getting it done; these are all things we can apply in our personal lives. Whether you’re trying to grow a business, trying to improve your relationship with someone, trying to lose weight, or trying to fight an illness, it all starts when someone shows you the right way to do it. That’s the kind of difference MentorClub has made in my life.


As for the financial value of the club, I think the numbers speak for themselves. We have doubled our full-time staff this year, are about to move into office space which is twice our current space, the company has grown over 50% in Gross revenue, and over 100% in net profit when compared to the same period last year. We have more projects in our sales pipeline than ever before and I’m not afraid to go get more. This is just the beginning. The vision has never been clearer and I know great things are coming in our future!”

– Ash Pirwani, Owner of eNet Systems

Lone Star Chiropractic:

“My weekly calls with MentorCLUB have changed my outlook on my business. It was a habit for me to let each week go by in my business, happy as it grew and then get frustrated and saddened as it inevitably would shrink again. Now every Tuesday I know I’ll get that vital injection to motivate me to keep doing better instead of just figuring things would never change, and wondering if I should give up. I have a long way to go, but without Doug I’d probably never have left that frustrated mindset and made that first step to change it.”

– Sue Loehrer, Owner of Lone Star Chiropractic
Hoodz West Houston:

When asked a friend whose business was suddenly skyrocketing how she did it, she had two words for us: Doug Winnie.  As a startup business we have aggressive growth goals and do not want to flounder as most business do. Now we are succeeding and Doug’s coaching is the key factor.  Doug is the consummate professional, lending his years of extensive business experience and fine-tuned coaching skills to every aspect of our business, from sales scripts, to hiring techniques, cashflow management and more.  As a husband-wife team, communication is imperative and each week Doug gets us to the core issues of ‘why’ and keeps us motivated and inspired. He sets the bar high and makes us want to clear it!

We highly recommend Doug and N3 ActionCOACH to businesses in any stage. Our investment in Doug’s coaching has already been returned in revenue growth and savings of time and expense. We would not be where we are without Doug! If you are serious about achieving excellence, Doug will challenge you to take your company to the next level.  Our investment has already paid for itself. Here are some reasons we think our coaching is so successful: 



– Cindy & John Kelly, Owners of Hoodz West Houston


Three Brothers Bakery:

We hired Doug and his ActionCOACH team to help us smooth out many of our rough edges. I was so impressed, for we have been approached by many coaches, but he was the only one who came to our bakery and observed multiple times and when we met, he could actually talk to us about some of our issues from experience. I also was impressed with his initial free consultation. Once hired, he has always been there for us. He has good ideas and has helped us to focus on the business once again. Additionally, I love his team. They have been very helpful. He has done sessions for our entire staff, worked with us one-on-one and we even attend group sessions and meet other owners. He is not just our coach, but he is our business’ coach. I think that sets him and his services apart. Our revenues went up in February, and I have to give him some of the credit for making it happen. I would recommend Doug Winnie and team to any small business faced with all the challenges of running a small business.

– Janice Jucker, Owner of Three Brothers Bakery


“Thanks for making us look good!”

– Lynn Holland

Diosana Realty:

“Doug, Excellent content on building business in a predictable way. I realized how quickly I can become more profitable. Thanks for the inspiration.”

– Joe Diosana

e-Fusion IT Services:

“Doug is an astonishingly perceptive, highly experienced business coach. His input to eFusion has improved communications between departments and simplified many of our operations procedures. Every business, with which I have spoken, having worked with Doug were highly impressed with his ability to get results. Our most important concept he advocated for business was “Test and Measure”. Even the best players need a coach!

– Charles Stauter, Owner of eFusion

Drummond Public Relations:

I know that I wouldn’t have been this successful without you, you’ve taught me to stop and think before making decisions and to start looking at things from the client’s perspective. YOU ARE AWESOME!

– Linda Drummond, Owner of Drummond Public Relations


Organizing Lifestyles:

“This has been one of the most liberating things I’ve ever done for me and my business.”

– Neitra Blair, Owner of Organizing Lifestyles