ProfitCLUB is just that, a club for creating profits through business education, peer-to-peer coaching, and socializing. ProfitCLUB is designed for owners and professionals to GROW Their Businesses. 

Who is ProfitCLUB for?

ProfitCLUB is designed to be more than just another breakfast club. Is designed to give members the opportunity to build contact bases and learn profitable strategies to grow their business. 







ProfitCLUB is designed to help business owners Maximize their Potential. It includes education and interactive discussions covering key subject matter selected to help build your Knowledge, your Profit, and your Business.

What’s included?

Twice a month you’ll be mentored by a Certified Business Coach who is prepared to help your club navigate the most common pitfalls in business ownership. Every 90-minute session presents new and useful information that includes

  • Controlling your time and spending it “in the zone” – every day 
  • knowing and managing “key performance indicators” so you can fine-tune your performance
  • Setting clear goals and direction for daily business activities
  • Repositioning values and beliefs to dramatically improve results
  • And much more!

What kind of essentials concepts does ProfitCLUB talk about?

  • taking control of your finances
  • growing your profits
  • delivering predictable service
  • making the best use of your time

You’ll learn how to develop a unique selling proposition and market your business so that you can surpass your competition

Guidelines and practical advice for developing systems and a high-performance team will ensure you poise your company for long-term, sustainable success. 


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