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  1. Business Tip (Dec 16th 2021)

    Business Tip (Dec 16th 2021)

    Thu 16 Dec, 2021 01:00 AM (GMT+0000) Read Time: ( words)

    Do You Involve Everyone?When growing a business, it’s important to think about everyone in your business. From the top salespeople to the receptionist, they all plan an important role in your company. That’s why it’s important to ask the input of people like the receptionist, who see the customers every time they walk through the […]

  2. Business Tip (Dec 9th 2021)

    Business Tip (Dec 9th 2021)

    Thu 9 Dec, 2021 02:00 AM (GMT+0000) Read Time: ( words)

    Do You Have Rules?We call these “rules of the game” and you need these to make sure your business is running smoothly and efficiently. If you don’t enforce those rules, you can gain a bad reputation. For example, if I went to an ice cream shop that closes at 10 at 9:50 pm and they said sorry we’re […]

  3. Weekly Win (Dec 9th 2021)

    Weekly Win (Dec 9th 2021)

    Thu 9 Dec, 2021 02:00 AM (GMT+0000) Read Time: ( words)

    Tammi Wallace of the LGBT ChamberThis week’s weekly win is all about giving back. Congratulations to the LGBT Chamber and their leader, Tammi Wallace for giving back to LGBT Seniors this holiday season with their Holiday Food Drive! They’ve done so much to help the community around them and we are proud to be a […]

  4. Weekly Win (Dec 2nd 2021)

    Weekly Win (Dec 2nd 2021)

    Wed 1 Dec, 2021 08:50 PM (GMT+0000) Read Time: ( words)

    Travis Hogue of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Winter ParkThis week’s weekly win is about hitting our goals! Congratulations to Travis Hogue, owner of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Winter Park, for hitting $1 million in sales! Travis has crushed his original annual sales goal and we look forward to seeing where he and his team will […]

  5. Business Tip (Dec 2nd 2021)

    Business Tip (Dec 2nd 2021)

    Wed 1 Dec, 2021 03:46 PM (GMT+0000) Read Time: ( words)

    Are You Using Scripts?In marketing and sales, we all know testing and measuring is key to success. But are your marketing and salespeople using scripts? You may think scripts take away the personal touch that closes the sale but when you aren’t using scripts it can make it incredibly hard to test and measure what works and what doesn’t. […]

  6. Weekly Win (Nov 25th 2021)

    Weekly Win (Nov 25th 2021)

    Wed 24 Nov, 2021 03:12 PM (GMT+0000) Read Time: ( words)

    We are Extremely ThankfulIn lieu of our weekly win this week and our newsletter’s alignment with the Thanksgiving holiday, we here at ActionCOACH wanted to wish you and your family a happy Thanksgiving. We are so incredibly thankful to serve our clients and help our community by creating an economy filled with jobs and business […]

  7. Business Tip (Nov 25th 2021)

    Business Tip (Nov 25th 2021)

    Wed 24 Nov, 2021 03:00 PM (GMT+0000) Read Time: ( words)

    Are you Unique? Every business has something unique about them. Without it, we would all be competing on price which is pretty hard to do with mega-corporations like Walmart, Target, etc. That’s why you NEED to be unique. Why should a customer walk through your doors? Is it your customer service? Find your uniqueness and […]

  8. Business Tip (Nov 18th 2021)

    Business Tip (Nov 18th 2021)

    Wed 17 Nov, 2021 04:16 PM (GMT+0000) Read Time: ( words)

    Do You Have an Amazing Culture? Every business has a workplace culture but when you create your culture you are able to create the workplace you and your employees want to see. At ActionCOACH we have 14 points of culture that really hone in on what we are about as an employer and business. We value things like fun, […]

  9. Weekly Win (Nov 18th 2021)

    Weekly Win (Nov 18th 2021)

    Wed 17 Nov, 2021 04:15 PM (GMT+0000) Read Time: ( words)

    Sarah Lieberman and JC Ricks of Dandelion CafeThis week’s Weekly Win comes from former client and friend Sarah Lieberman and JC Ricks of The Dandelion Cafe. Sarah and JC have recently been recognized and awarded the honor of representing SBA Region VI at National Small Business Week! After a long year of COVID restrictions, some […]

  10. Weekly Win (Nov. 11 2021)

    Weekly Win (Nov. 11 2021)

    Wed 10 Nov, 2021 04:15 PM (GMT+0000) Read Time: ( words)

    Ashley Harvell of BamaTexasThis week’s Weekly Win is about determination and mindset! Ashley Harvell of BamaTexas recently participated in The Fish Bowl Experience where she was able to talk about BamaTexas and its rapid expansion in the past year. She has shown determination and stepped out of her comfort zone to pitch her business for […]