6 STEP WORKSHOP to Transform Your Business

Learn how to

Recession-Proof Your Business

Growing a business brings challenges. How you deal with the challenges and related growing pains is the difference between success or failure. At this in-person Lunch and Learn, you will learn how business owners can create a recession-proof business, the foundational pillars of every business, and how to properly scale your business with less growing pains over a complimentary lunch. 

“The knowledge and excitement in the room were contagious!”

Learn time-tested principles of how to:

  • Double your numbers utilizing the 5-Ways Roadmap
  • Keys strategies for improving employee culture
  • Walkthrough the strategies to ensure you stay customer-focused
  • How to effectively switch and pivot while repositioning your business.
  • Steps to Financial Mastery and understanding the numbers that drive any business

“I just doubled enrollment in 3 months using some of the ideas you gave me”

6 Step Business Plan video

“Excellent content on building business” 

Who should attend 6 Steps?

  • Small business owners and their general managers
  • Independent operators
  • Start-Up business owners
  • Franchisees
  • Trades People
  • Self Employed professionals 
  • Business Owners who want to be the leading brand in their industry
  • Franchisees looking to become #1 in their Franchise

“I can’t wait to take what I learned and implement it into the everyday operations of our business”

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